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Starting in the early 80's as a distributor of other outdoor brands, Exped began to build their own gear in 1997. Since then, they have created many highly innovative products and won numerous awards for unique designs.

Since 1997, the Exped team, based in Switzerland, have been designing and building the highest quality, specialised gear for the active, outdoor enthusiast. Equipment designed to appeal to everyone whether hiking the Pennine Way or climbing in the Himalaya.

Every user expects their equipment to meet exacting standards. Exped build products intended to surpass those expectations!

 You won't find any superficial "feature-itis" - just the minimum, straightforward features and tools that function well. Unnecessary extras that just increase weight, but add no value or utility, are left out. Featuring ingenious simplicity, superb craftsmanship with lightweight, durable materials, Exped maximises your outdoor experience with the minimum of gear. 

The principle "less is more" flows into the development of Exped gear in which every feature and extra is one hundred percent in tune with its function in the outdoors. Refined details increase the functionality and comfort of our products with the use of minimal means. 

Sustainability is a primary concern for everyone at Exped. This principle influences design, material sourcing, partnerships with factories, and the packaging of products. In the case of sleeping bags, Exped finds that the most sustainable insulator is down originating from well-bred animals (no force feeding, no live plucking). Where possible Exped’s in-store packaging is reusable as a zip bag, elasticated retainer etc and when this isn’t possible, Exped avoid the temptation of glossy plastic but use card which can be recycled and, if thrown away will decompose. 


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