The milKit system was devised in Switzerland after a mountain bike ride in Moab, USA was cut short due to a flat tire and dried-out sealant. A simple puncture that would easily have sealed, had the sealant still been effective. This is a problem that anyone used to riding tubeless will understand.

The founder, product development engineer and mountain biker Pius Kobler decided to solve this problem and invented milKit. Together with a team of biking enthusiasts and experienced entrepreneurs Pius founded the company Sport Components Ltd. Their aim is to ease the everyday lives of mountain bikers, cyclists and other athletes with innovative products, and to become a leading provider of smart bicycle solutions.

Not content to rest on their laurels, the next product, the milKit Booster for more efficient tire inflation, won a Eurobike Award in September 2019.

In 2020 milKit was crowned the Test Winner in sealants by Mountain Bike Magazine.

Now, milKit’s revolutionary product range is expanding to ensure your time on the trail is maximised, and not spent in the workshop.

milKit products make your tubeless life easier.

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