Rope Rescue Supervisor

Who is this course for?

Emergency Services personnel and those who are already competent Rope Rescue Operators required to fulfil the role of Rope Rescue Supervisor within a rescue team.

Duration 5 days
Venue Lyon Equipment Work and Rescue Training Centre, Tebay, Cumbria (training may also be available at customers’ own venue)
Course code LT39
Cost Excl VAT £880

To enquire about this course or make a booking please contact us on 015396 26250 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This course builds on skills introduced in our Rope Rescue Operator course.
The course will provide in-depth knowledge, skills and understanding to allow you to identify, construct and supervise appropriate, safe and effective rope rescue solutions in your workplace, whether that be a ‘built’ or ‘natural’ environment.


Due to the nature of the training candidates should confirm that they are medically fit and healthy prior to attending the course.
The minimum age of candidates is 18 years.
The course is designed for workers and Emergency Services personnel who already have experience of work at height. Ideally, course applicants will have completed:

  1. Lyon 1 day Work at Height course (or equivalent)
  2. Lyon 5 day Rope Rescue Operator course (or equivalent)

Note: Members of Mountain and Cave Rescue Teams holding full ‘Operational’ status may gain direct access to the course. Confirmation of this status will be required.

Course Content

The course includes both theoretical and practical training, with the practical sessions taking place in our dedicated training facility at Tebay and may include a number of nearby ‘natural’ venues where appropriate.
Student to instructor ratio will not exceed 4:1.

Each course will cover:

  • Relevant legislation and its application to rope rescue
  • Management of the hazards and risks associated with rope rescue activities and associated control measures • Options for rescue – rescue methods compared
  • Command, control and communications for rope rescue operations
  • Methods of access to and from an incident site using working at height and rope access techniques
  • Rescue system analysis, anchor systems and application with rescue loads
  • Considerations for low angle, long and multi stage lowers
  • Care, maintenance, inspection, lifespan and disposal of rescue equipment, including PPE Rescue system selection, application and supervision – with and without a stretcher for:
    • Pick-off rescues
    • Raising a rescue load using simple and compound pulley systems
    • Lowering a rescue load
    • Use of tensioned guiding lines and cableway10 3SS, UK
    • Negotiating difficult edge transitions
    • Use of artificial high directional anchors
  • Medical considerations during rescue, including suspension intolerance


The course assessment is by short written test and continuous practical assessment by Lyon staff. The course will culminate in a multi-activity, scenario based assessment under simulated operational conditions, with candidates taking the role of the Rope Rescue Supervisor to a team of Rope Rescue Operators.


A certificate of attendance and test and ID card record of training will be issued to successful candidates.
Certificate valid for three years from date of assessment.