Bell Stretcher Servicing

In 2007, we became the sole provider of approved servicing and load testing of the Bell range of specialist mountain and technical rescue stretchers. In 2014, we restarted manufacture of the iconic Bell Tangent Split mountain rescue stretcher
for Mountain Rescue England and Wales (MREW), consolidating our position as experts on this historic brand.

Although Bell stretchers are incredibly strong, regular use for training sessions and rescue operations will cause wear and/or damage. As some of the textile and wire parts will ultimately need replacing, regular inspections and repairs will help ensure that everything works smoothly and the stretcher continues to be in service.

Bell Stretchers recommend that all models of Bell stretcher undergo a full service and inspection after no more than 100 active rescues, or, 5 years use (or sooner if wear or damage is observed).


Bell Stretcher Servicing and Repair

All Bell service and repair work is carried out in-house, reducing delays and operational downtime. Trained and supported by the original manufacturer, Peter Bell, our workshop and technical team is able to provide factory quality assistance with Bell models in use.

These include:

  • BELL MK3
  • BELL TANGENT INDUSTRIAL (including bariatric versions)

Earlier models of Bell stretchers (MK1, MK2) are no longer recommended for use. There is no service or parts support for these models.

A service includes:

  • Comprehensive strip down of the stretcher to component parts
  • Media blast of the frame to clean the surface and allow inspection of critical parts
  • Replacement of all textile components, including head guard tapes
  • Replacement of casualty securing straps including buckle fittings
  • Replacement of any damaged nuts, bolts, fixings and wires
  • Replacement of all lever hinge pins
  • Rework of all joint levers
  • Rebuild and frame alignment check
  • Proof load applied to frame
  • Final inspection

All work uses genuine specification parts.

Where additional damage is observed, you are provided with an estimate of the work required and expected costs before the work is carried out.

To Book A Service

Mountain Rescue teams in England and Wales wishing to have work done should speak to the MREW equipment officer for approval before contacting us and arranging delivery of the Bell Mountain stretchers.

Other organisations should contact us directly or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss requirements and arrange a suitable date for a stretcher to be serviced and/or repaired.


Every serviced and repaired stretcher undergoes a thorough inspection and dedicated load test before release from our Head Office. A ‘Certificate of Service and Inspection’ is provided.

For user assurance, a reflective label is applied to each half of the stretcher indicating the stretcher serial number, current owner and service expiry date.