Traverse Titan Stretcher Servicing



Our technical expertise in the field of specialist rescue stretchers is recognised throughout the industry. This position was confirmed by our appointment as the UK and Ireland service and repair partner for the Ferno range of Traverse Rescue basket stretchers.

With direct access to the technical team at Traverse Rescue in Canada, we are able to provide factory supported assistance with the most commonly used Traverse Rescue models in use.  This includes:

  • Traverse Rescue Titan Ti Tapered (Titanium frame construction)
  • Traverse Rescue Titan Ti Split Tapered (Titanium frame construction)
  • Traverse Rescue Titan Tapered (Stainless Steel frame construction)
  • Traverse Rescue Titan Split Tapered (Stainless Steel frame construction)

Traverse Rescue requires that all models of Traverse Titan stretcher undergo a full service and inspection at regular intervals. For professional users it is recommended this is done after no more than 5 years, sooner if wear or damage is observed.

Service and repair work is carried out in-house; however, where severe damage has occurred we can call on the Traverse Rescue factory to rework and recover a stretcher frame that might otherwise be lost.

A service includes:

  • Comprehensive strip down of the stretcher
  • Media blast of the frame to clean the surface and allow inspection of critical parts
  • Replacement of all textile components
  • Replacement of bed support panels
  • Replacement of all bed fixings
  • Rebuild and frame alignment check
  • Calibration load test applied to frame
  • Final inspection

All work uses factory supplied genuine parts.

Where additional damage is observed, you are provided with an estimate of the work required and expected costs before the work is carried out.

To Book a Service

Please contact us directly or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss requirements and arrange a suitable date for a stretcher to be serviced and/or repaired.


Every serviced and repaired stretcher undergoes a thorough inspection and dedicated calibration test before release from our Head Office. A ‘Certificate of Service and Inspection’ is provided.