COVID-19 Control Measures for Training

Lyon Equipment Limited is continually monitoring the UK Government advice in relation to the risk of Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection in the workplace. The safety of our customers, visitors and members of staff remains our priority. In order that we ensure the safety of everyone at our premises we are implementing Covid-19 specific control measures throughout our business including the Work & Rescue Training department. 

There is a comprehensive Risk Assessment for any person attending the Lyon Work & Rescue Training centre a copy of which is available prior to you attending if required. Due to the unpredictability of the ongoing situation this risk assessment is subject to regular review and change to ensure continued compliance with changing UK Government requirements regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. 

If you are attending a Work & Rescue Training course, we respectfully request that you read and comply with the following control measures and notify us if you have concerns relating to any of these requirements: 

  • You must notify us in advance if you or any member of your immediate family have, or have had, the symptoms of Covid-19 infection within 10 days immediately prior to attending our centre. You must not attend in person if you are unwell
  • You must notify us in advance if you have returned from overseas travel and not observed a 10-day self-isolation/quarantine period immediately prior to attending our centre. We will offer you an alternative date for training. This applies to all travel from outside of the UK at this time
  • You must notify us immediately if you become unwell during your time on our premises – we will ask you to leave and return at a later mutually convenient date
  • We will require your contact details on arrival at our premises so that should it become necessary under the NHS Test & Trace process we can supply those details to the authorities – your personal information will be kept confidential in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 (more information available at -
  • We are also using the NHS Covid-19 App Test and Trace QR Code system and encourage all our customers to make use of this system with their smartphones when at Lyon
  • We request that if you test positive for Covid-19 immediately after your training course here at Lyon, that you inform the NHS Test & Trace programme you have attended a course at the Lyon Training Centre
  • Our course capacities have been reduced to enable appropriate social distancing and resource use to mitigate risk to trainees throughout our premises
  • We have made widely available hand sanitising gel throughout our business and request that current PHE advice is followed in relation to the importance of hand washing followed by use of hand sanitiser to mitigate the spread of infectious agents
  • Where possible we will continue to maintain 2 metre social distancing even if this exceeds UK Government recommended minimums
  • In response to emerging Covid-19 new variants and their potential increased likelihood of virus transmission we now require everyone to wear a facemask continuously throughout the time spent at Lyon. If you are unable or unwilling to wear a facemask then we will offer you alternative dates for training when a relaxation of our control measures becomes possible
  • Additional control measures will be implemented around specific practical training tasks. Training staff will inform you of these requirements at the time
  • If you are attending a work at height course the Personal Fall Protection Equipment issued to you will have been quarantined for 72 hours and/or disinfected prior to issue – you will not be required to share this equipment
  • You will be provided with training materials such as paperwork, course manuals, note pads and pens for your sole use – there will be no requirement to share resources
  • Food will be provided during your course as an individual packed meal
  • Refreshments will be made available and you will be provided with your own drinking vessel(s) for the duration of the course

These control measures are intended to help mitigate Covid-19 infection risks to all our customers, visitors, and staff. Inevitably they will introduce delays and some inconvenience, however we ask for your understanding and acceptance that these measures are necessary for the protection of everyone. 

We thank you in advance for your consideration and look forward to welcoming you to Lyon Equipment Limited.

Peter Dodd Ph.D.

Work & Rescue Training Manager