At Lyon Equipment, we are renowned throughout the emergency services and rope rescue industries for providing leading, expert advice acquired through years of hands-on-experience. 

Our range of rescue equipment is designed and manufactured using the wealth of knowledge and skills we have gained in the field.

Restricted Access Stretcher

Restricted Access Stretcher

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Developed specifically for the difficult conditions experienced when extracting a casualty from a confined space, the RESTRICTED ACCESS STRETCHER has a number of key features:

  • A deep wrap-around shape provides increased impact protection for critical head and torso areas
  • Revised head end profile to ensure minimal size for rapid deployment
  • Manoeuvring handle cut-outs allow for ease of use
  • Smooth, snag-free skid base for sliding over flooring and machinery

Also included is an integral casualty harness with colour coded double-action quick release chest and leg straps and extra-long harness straps to enable effective positioning and connection in difficult locations.

The robust pre-fitted adjustable rope bridle, designed and manufactured by Lyon, has a captive attachment ring and twistlock connectors. Its simple design allows for multiple applications:

  • Basic four point attachment for connection to vertical lifting, lowering or suspension systems
  • Conversion to rope loop handles for stretcher carrying
  • Four single legs for dragging and manoeuvring the stretcher around obstructions

In use, the stretcher provides options of either a reclined, seated casualty position for suspension and slide type evacuations, or completely flat for movement through restricted spaces. To ensure a long service life, a selection of easily replaceable parts are available, with manufacturer’s servicing possible on request.


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