At Lyon Equipment, we are renowned throughout the emergency services and rope rescue industries for providing leading, expert advice acquired through years of hands-on-experience. 

Our range of rescue equipment is designed and manufactured using the wealth of knowledge and skills we have gained in the field.

MacInnes MK6 Stretcher

MacInnes MK6 Stretcher

(Incl. 20% tax)

In close partnership with the original manufacturer of the MK6 stretcher, Lyon Equipment is now the authorised manufacturer and service/repair agent for the Lyon MacInnes MK6 Stretcher.

  • Increased frame tube wall thickness in key areas
  • Billet alloy CNC machined tube clamps for reliable, secure jointing
  • High strength aluminium alloy main joint spigots with nylon, low friction outer sleeve
  • Heavy duty spring bale tube clamps fitted to main joint
  • T-bar skid locking bolt, easier to use with gloves
  • Removable foam fi lled bed pads to ease cleaning and maintenance
  • Casualty restraint strap fitted with six high quality, AUSTRIALPIN buckles
  • Extensive structural testing has been carried out, including static loading and dynamic drop testing
  • CE marked under the Medical Directive