At Lyon Equipment, we are renowned throughout the emergency services and rope rescue industries for providing leading, expert advice acquired through years of hands-on-experience. 

Our range of rescue equipment is designed and manufactured using the wealth of knowledge and skills we have gained in the field.

Emergency Rope Cutter

Emergency Rope Cutter

(Incl. 20% tax)

You hope you will never need it, but if you do you will be glad that you have this one!

Simply pull the EMERGENCY ROPE CUTTER from its pouch, wrap it around the textile to be cut and pull it in a sawing action.

  • A high grade stainless steel wire allows you to cut through virtually any taut, load bearing textile
  • The EMERGENCY ROPE CUTTER comes in a harness mountable pouch so that it’s ready when you need it most
  • Reduce the risk of accidently cutting the wrong rope, by wrapping the EMERGENCY ROPE CUTTER around only the textile to be cut
  • Safer and more sociably acceptable than carrying a knife
  • The EMERGENCY ROPE CUTTER will cut though textile rope protectors, fire resistant ropes, two ropes at a time. It will even work under water
  • Large finger loops allow use with cold or gloved hands

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