At Lyon Equipment, we are renowned throughout the emergency services and rope rescue industries for providing leading, expert advice acquired through years of hands-on-experience. 

Our range of rescue equipment is designed and manufactured using the wealth of knowledge and skills we have gained in the field.

Casualty Pick-Off Hoist

Casualty Pick-Off Hoist

(Incl. 20% tax)

The CASUALTY PICK-OFF HOIST may be used by a rescuer to ‘unweight’ a casualty to facilitate transfer onto a rescue system. Small enough to be carried on a rescuers harness, the hoist can be deployed in seconds to make an awkward task easy.

Pre-packed in a high visibility two piece pouch, this very compact unit with high efficiency pulleys, is configured to create a theoretical 6:1 mechanical advantage.

The CASUALTY PICK-OFF HOIST is supplied with an easy to open carbine hook fitted to each end. A super light swing sided EN 567 rope clamp is also included to allow rapid attachment of the unit to the casualty’s rope at any point.

  • Compact pack size
  • Light weight
  • Versatile applications
  • High mechanical advantage
  • Rope clamp included