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Lyon Equipment, design and manufacture, high quality anchor systems for work at height and specialist rope rescue industries.

From Textile Slings through to Quadpods and Tripods, Lyon Equipment provide anchor solutions for a multitude of applications.

Galvanised Anchor Strop - Blue

Galvanised Anchor Strop - Blue

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SKU : LO 7 05 B

Our standard 0.5 m, 0.75 m, 1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m and 3 m lengths of Galvanised steel anchor strop are also available with Red, Black, Blue or Yellow PVC protective tubing over the wire.

These colour options enable users to rapidly identify specific anchors in a system, colour code the length of their anchors, or identify their strops from another companies.

The yellow option is especially visible in a range of lighting conditions, whereas the black is useful for tactical or entertainment industry applications.

All our Wire Anchor Strops are CE marked and certified to EN795 B and also meet PD CEN/TS 16415:2013 for two person rescue loads.

  • Galvanised steel wire and aluminium alloy ferrules
  • Stainless steel thimble eye maintains shape and allows easy attachment
  • Coloured polyester reinforced PVC protective sleeve


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