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Lyon Equipment, design and manufacture, high quality anchor systems for work at height and specialist rope rescue industries.

From Textile Slings through to Quadpods and Tripods, Lyon Equipment provide anchor solutions for a multitude of applications.



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SKU : LPP0002

The ANCHORA is an anchor device designed by Lyon Equipment with climbing walls and technical training centres in mind.

With multiple attachment points and a smooth bearing surface, this anchor allows for many different connecting and loading configurations whilst minimising wear on the connectors themselves.

  • The ANCHORA offers five attachment points which are designed to allow different connecting and loading configurations.
  • Attachment points provide a smooth bearing surface minimising wear on any connectors.
  • The design allows positioning of the connectors and rope away from the structure, thereby prolonging the life of rope, connectors and surface of the structure.
  • Connectors can be replaced independently of the ANCHORA, reducing ongoing costs.
  • Large connectors can be held captive once the ANCHORA is fitted, removing the need for captive bar versions.
  • The ANCHORA has been independently tested and meets the requirements of EN 795:2012 Type A and CEN/TS 16415:2013 Type A for two persons.


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