PetzlFrom its background as a father and sons business making caving equipment at home the PETZL business has progressed to a global design and manufacturing operation regarded as world leaders in the production of high quality equipment for work and rescue. 


OptimusOptimus has it's origins in Sweden and has been manufacturing outdoor stoves for more than a century. At the end of 2007, the Swedish Optimus company was integrated into the Swiss Katadyn Group. Since its formation in Stockholm in 1899, Optimus has been developing and improving its products to become the clear first choice of demanding users throughout the world.


FoinFor twenty years FOIN have been designing and manufacturing safety connectors for industrial use.

Established in 1862 by Alexandre Foin, this family-owned French company has focussed since the beginning in metal wire work, items such as connectors, chains and miscellaneous accessories.


ForgetecEstablished since 1984 Forgetec are specialist metalworkers, engineers and fabricators.

As well as manufacturing a comprehensive range of vehicle recovery equipment they produce galvanised steel ground anchors and stakes suitable for rope rigging and technical rescue.


Ortlieb100% Waterproof!

In 1982, Hartmut Ortlieb founded ORTLIEB in Nürnberg. In 1997 the firm relocated to the franconian town of Heilsbronn, not far from Nuremberg. In 2007, Ortlieb celebrated its 25th anniversary. How time flies!

Buff Professional

Buff ProfessionalIn 1992 Original BUFF® created a pioneering product category; tubular headgear. BUFF® is now the leading brand of seamless, multi-purpose and multi-functional headwear and continues at the forefront of this category.

Trek'N Eat

Trek'N EatTrek'n Eat offer unique freeze-dried foods that can be prepared with water. Perfect when working outdoors or on site for extended periods.

Petzl Hands Free Lighting

PetzlFor more than 30 years Petzl has led the way in as an innovator in the research, design and manufacture of quality headtorches. From humble beginnings, when Fernand Petzl fashioned the first helmet-mounted light for caving, headtorches were refined over time, until he created the 'Zoom' model, which, with its rotating bezel as a switch and focus adjuster, became a seminal outdoor product well into the 21st century. At the same time, international praise grew for all of Petzl's climbing and mountaineering equipment.


Katadyn LogoThe Swiss Katadyn company is the world’s Number One for individual water purification systems and products, with a global market share exceeding 50 percent. Katadyn has been developing water filters, chlorine and silver-based sterilizing agents, and mobile desalinators for the trekking and marine markets for over 80 years now. Numerous international relief organizations and special army units rely on the products of Katadyn for survival and life saving.

Maillon Rapide

Maillon RapideMaillon Rapide quick links are manufactured by Péguet, the inventor and world leader in the manufacture of high quality quick links.


SpeleanIn any lowering or lifting job the top edge is likely to present problems. The solutions are many and varied but perhaps the most elegant and sophisticated solution is the Larkin Rescue Frame.


ExpedSince 1997, the Exped team, based in Switzerland, have been designing and building the highest quality, specialised gear for the active, outdoor enthusiast. Equipment designed to appeal to everyone whether hiking the Appalachian Trail or climbing in the Himalaya or putting in a long shift on a rig in the North Sea.

Light My Fire

Light My Fire"It Started with a Stick......."

In 1995 Light My Fire's founder, Michael Odqvist, came across an age-old secret - "MayaSticks". He was fascinated by the sheer brilliance of this resinous kindling. Not only was it a quick, easy and reliable way to get a fire going, the sticks were also completely natural, produced from waste - the stumps left from felled pine trees - by locals in Guatemala. By starting fair trade production on a larger scale, Michael helped 400 of these descendents of Maya Indians make more money so that they were able to start sending their children to school.

Kohlbrat & Bunz

Kohlbrat & BunzFounded in 1930, Kohlbrat & Bunz is a family firm with a long history in the manufacture of emergency medical and rescue equipment.

Based in Austria, it develops products for patient and equipment transport over rough terrain, for technical rescue and for stabilization of patients during MRI and CT examinations and operations.

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