Why Should We Wear Sunglasses?

JulboSunlight is vital for all of us. However, our eyes are very sensitive to it and although damaged cells in the eyes are replaced over time, the replacement process becomes less effective, resulting in serious or even irreversible diseases. It is essential to protect them properly, particularly in mountain and water sports where the increased reflection can greatly increase light intensity.

A specialist in solar protection in high-risk environments and extreme conditions, Julbo has been providing its expertise to people who love to look at the world for over 120 years. Julbo develops its frames and lenses through a combination of innovation and careful attention to detail. The world needs your vision...

There are several reasons to protect your eyes...

1) UV Protection

UV rays can cause Ophtalmia (snow blindness), Conjunctivitis, Cataracts, retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration and many other harmful effects to the eye. Today the science of UV protective sunglasses is near perfect, with Julbo offering 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. These high-energy rays are very harmful. They even have an effect in cloudy weather as clouds absorb no more than 10% of UV rays In the mountains, the intensity of UV rays increases by 10% for every 1000 metres of altitude.

UVA: 315 - 380 (nm) Moderately harmful. They cause light pigmentation of the skin.

UVB: 280 - 355 (nm) Extremely harmful (1000 times more aggressive than UVA), they result in tanning and premature ageing of the eye and skin.

UVC: 100 - 280 (nm) These rays are Currently absorbed by the ozone layer.

2) Reduce Headaches and Eyestrain Resulting From High Light Intensity

Strong sunlight can dazzle and temporarily reduce visual capability while also causing fatigue and headaches from eyestrain and squinting. By wearing sunglasses under bright conditions, headaches can be reduced and in some cases even prevented.  Surface glare from the surroundings can strongly increase light intensity:
- snow reflects up to 90% of the sun's rays,
- water reflects up to 20% of the sun's rays,
- sand reflects up to 30% of the sun's rays.

3) Maintaining Moisture In The Eyes

Sunglasses can help keep the eyes moist by lessening the evaporation in hot and arid conditions. Moisture is needed by the eye to focus and perform correctly, so well designed eyewear suitable for the chosen sport can assist vision under intensive sunlight.

4) Preventing Foreign Bodies

Active sports frequently throw up a wide range of dirt and debris to the face, a well designed pair of sunglasses can significantly reduce the risk of eye damage from foreign objects.

Why Julbo?

Julbo SunglassesJulbo has used NXT lightweight and virtually unbreakable technology to develop high-performance lenses to meet the needs of active outdoor users where the light changes with each environment and activity. Julbo lenses have been developed to meet these specific needs.
All Julbo sunglasses block 100% of UV radiation while having optimum optical quality and exceptional resistance to wear. NXT lenses are virtually unbreakable and are ultra lightweight while maintaining superb optical clarity while the photochromic Falcon, Zebra, Cameleon and Octopus lenses adapt to the light conditions automatically, ideal for your chosen outdoor sports.

Julbo Lens Options


A fixed category lens available from Category 0 (Clear) up to Category 4 (Very Dark tint) which is lightweight while offering good shock resistance. Cost effective and ideal for a wide range of sports.

Julbo Spectron

Sensitive to visible light and polarizing with anti-reflective and oil-repellent coatings, the photochromic Falcon NXT lens with a contrast enhancing copper colour is perfect for travel, driving and different types of sunny conditions. It guarantees clear vision at all times regardless of the light or weather. Cat 2-3

Discover Julbo's Falcon Lens Simulator here.

Julbo Falcon
Zebra Light

The Zebra Light photochromic NXT lens gets darker or lighter in accordance with light intensity at any time of day and has an exceptional anti-fog and hydrophobic coating. Cat 1-3

Discover Julbo's Zebra Light Lens Simulator here.

Julbo Zebra Light

The Zebra photochromic NXT lens darkens or lightens depending on the light's intensity. It can change from a light transmission rate of 7% to 42% with a very quick activation time of 22 to 28 seconds. Its anti-fog coating, directly integrated via laser, guarantees maximum efficiency and long life. Zebra Lenses are recommended for a wide range of outdoor sports. Cat 2-4

Discover Julbo's Zebra Lens simulator here.

Julbo Zebra


Photochromic and polarizing, the Cameleon NXT lens darkens and lightens according to the intensity of the light while the polarization provides anti-dazzle protection and high definition vision. The anti-fog coating is ideal for active sports. Cat 2-4

Discover Julbo's Cameleon Lens simulator here.

Julbo Cameleon


The Octopus lens gives a clear view to the horizon in all weathers and with it's light-sensitive, hydrophobic and polarizing lens is suitable for all water sports. Cat 2-4.

Discover Julbo's Octopus Lens simulator here.

Julbo Octopus 

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